Fun awaits as the Bernica family, divided into four teams, compete to claim victory at the 2018 LollaPoloszca games. 

Games Grand Master Mike has assembled a diverse range of thrilling games for everyone.  The competition is sanctioned by the international rules of Reunion Competition and will be managed by coaches and umpires spread across the families. 

Check out below what team you are on and come ready for some fun competition!  Also below are the format and rules for the games.


Reunion Games Teams
Rita  Irene  Rosemary Helen
Paul Ed Jim  Len
Sharon Gale  Collete Shirley
Vicki Mike H. John H. Tami
Christina Phil Mary Kal
James Sue B. David Amy
John P Mike S. Cynthia Walt
Ed F. Julie Steve  Sue P.
Ryan B, Andrew Matt/Kennedy Renee/Alden
Kathie M. Debbie Crystal/Oliver John M.
Charlie Elizabeth Kevin Max
Demetria Rusti Allyssa Kalina
Rebecca Maddy Jane M. Catherine P.
Ryan P. Laura Sam Adam
Colin Ben Jane H. Ari


Games Format
There are four teams that each have ~sixteen players. Teams (co-captains) (umpires): Blue (Christina/Colin) (Ed F), Green (Phil/Elizabeth) (Mike H), Purple (Mary/Steve) (Kevin) and Red (Kal/Sue P) (Renee).
Pass the Trash    Everyone plays. Start with 16 people to a game, four from each team. Play till four players left in each game, then start final game of 16 players. Play to last player. Record 1st, 2d, 3d and 4th place from final round.
Kickball      9 players per team. Semis and Finals: three games. Draw for who plays who and who plays first. Team rock, paper, scissors determines 3d place. Record 1st, 2d, 3d and 4th place.
Lawn Games       Bags, Beer Pong, Pole-ish Horseshoes and Washers. 2 pairs (4 people) from each team will play each lawn game. Each person plays one lawn game. Start at quarter finals. Losers in semis play for 3d place. Record 1st, 2d, 3d and 4th place for each game. Teams not playing  kickball are practicing lawn games and picking who will play what games. Lineups are due by noon.
Egg Toss. Grand Finale. Everyone plays. Record 1st, 2d, 3d & 4th place.
Points: 4 for each 1st place, 3 for each 2d place, 2 for each 3d place and 1 for each 1st place. Highest points win. Team rock, paper, scissors breaks ties.

Reunion Game Rules
Rules may change at any time
Pass the Trash
Deal: High card deals: King, Queen, … 2, Ace.
Object: To not have the lowest card at the end of a round.
The Game: Each person starts with three pennies. The dealer deals each person a card, starting with the person to her left. Everyone looks at their cards and turns it over if it’s a King. The person to the dealer’s left begins. They decide to hold their card or pass the trash. You cannot pass/trade to a King. This continues until the dealer has played. If the dealer does not like her card, she can turn one over from the pile. Everyone then turns over their cards. The person(s) with the low card puts one penny in the pot. The deal moves one person to the left. Reshuffle when all cards from the deck have been used. When the pennies are gone, the game is over.
The rules are like baseball except: The pitcher rolls the ball to the kicker. Balls that roll over the plate are stikes. You can throw the ball at runners for an out, but no head shots. No leading off or stealing. At the kick, the pitcher must have one foot on or behind the mound and other players must be in fair territory behind the 1st-3d base diagonal. Basketball style substitution with pinch hitting or running. A game is three innings.
Each player throws one bag. Closest to the hole picks side or throw.
Scoring: a bag on the board is one and a bag in the hole is three. Points cancel. For example, if red has one in the hole and one on the board and blue has two on the board, red scores two. The last team to score throws first. Play to 21, win by two.
Beer Pong
Rock, paper, scissors determines who picks side or throw.
Bouncing and throwing score the same. No grabbing or swatting. If a defender interferes with a ball at any time during a throw, there is a one cup penalty. The shooter chooses the cup. No Leaning. If a player throwing touches the table during a shot, the shot is forfeited. Cups may be fixed (returned to their starting position) at anytime and reracked once, at the shooters’ request. The first team to hit the last cup wins. No redemption.
Polish Horseshoes    
Rock, paper, scissors determines who picks side or throw. The offense scores when the bottle (2 points) or frisbee (1 point) hits the ground. The defense prevents scoring by catching the bottle and/or frisbee. Only catchable frisbees score points. The defense may not touch the frisbee before it reaches the plane of the pole. Two point penalty for goaltending. The last team to score throws first. Play to 21, win by two.
Each player throws one washer. The closest choses side or throw.
A washer in the box (a pointer) is one and in the tube (a cupper) is three. Points cancel. For example, if red has a cupper and a pointer and white has two pointers, red scores two points. The last team to score throws first. Play to 21, win by two.
Egg toss   Teammate pairs separate into two lines facing each other. The line with the egg throws, one at a time. Any broken egg eliminates the team. After each round, both sides take one step back. After about six rounds, if there are 16 or fewer teams left, the lines rotate 900 (to gain a longer field). If after about six rounds, there are more than 16 teams left, Egg Toss Supreme begins. During Egg Toss Supreme, the distance does not change, but the toss does: players throw overhand, with their non dominant hand, with their back to their partner, … until there are less than 16 pairs at the end of a round, then the lines rotate. After rotation regular Egg Toss resumes.  Repeat until only one pair who successfully threw and caught the egg from the final distance is left. If no team catches the egg from the last round, the teams in the last round get a new egg and the game continues at that distance.